CauseDriven Marketing

Would you consider your nonprofit’s marketing presence to be STRONG? With CauseDriven Marketing, you can take your nonprofit marketing plan to another level of strength!  After 22 years of working with nonprofits and charities, we’ve developed a formula (in concert with our Fortune100 partner, HubSpot) that is designed to strengthen your marketing efforts by using the most valuable asset that your organization can build a strong foundation on…your website and marketing user analytics (i.e. your website visitors, your email readers, your donors and supporters).

Paperless Transactions is an integrated, full-service marketing and fundraising agency focused on nonprofit success! Whether trying to attract a new audience, drive deeper engagement, or automate your marketing to fundraising funnel, our team of strategists will work with you to bring your brand to life. When selecting a partner agency, there’s no substitute for hard work and hands-on experience…our team will devote time to your deliverables while leveraging over 22 company years of marketing and fundraising experience in working with thousands of diverse nonprofits all over the country. If you’re a nonprofit and you need an agency that understands how to make HubSpot really work for scaling nonprofit growth, let’s build a custom inbound strategy together and then convert those leads into donors using the Paperless Transactions Giving & Event Software/App. One dedicated agency along with one powerful fundraising platform; focused on your future!

Many organizations make decisions and forecast future changes in a vacuum by what they “feel” or “assume” is right.  Inherently, this can be a faulty way to build a strong foundation because “feelings” or “assumptions” should only be part of the equation and not the sum.  With CauseDriven Marketing, our philosophy is simple…our agency mirrors the philosophy of what’s known in the Web 2.0 and Inbound industry as Growth Driven Design (and for a nonprofit or charity, “Growth Driven” is all about Growing & Driving Support for your Cause).  Hence, our Marketing Agency is called CauseDriven Marketing.  

Here’s the story behind why we believe in being Growth and Cause Driven in HOW we design a marketing platform (that extends to all of your digital marketing assets: website, emails, events, campaigns, etc.).  Whereas traditional approaches to website design and marketing would involve a new ~3 month development cycle every couple of years that results in a new website and a reinvention of the marketing wheel, Growth Driven Design (GDD) embraces agile methodologies and focuses on developing a data driven website that is constructed with adaptability and flexibility in mind.  Gone are the days where the only way for you to feel like you’ve advanced your marketing presence is if you gave your website a facelift.

One of the principal tenets behind the GDD approach hinges on mitigating the risk associated with designing a non-data driven website that leverages popular trends and that leverages decisions that are, ultimately, based on unproven hypotheses. As mentioned before, in many cases, decisions are made based on popular trends without any real visibility into what the impact of those decisions will be. It is not until post-launch that an analysis of results occurs, and at this stage it is oftentimes too late to bring a project back to the drawing board.


. Minimize risk – let the data dictate ongoing design decisions (don’t make decisions based on trends)

. Continuously learn and improve – sites are not static and design can be dynamic based on data 

. Inform marketing and fundraising – take findings from the design & inbound process and leverage them within

The result is a website and marketing plan that is continuously evolving and built in stages according to assumptions that are validated or invalidated based on data, and where features are rolled out in a manner that both inform and are informed by experiences and learnings from the marketing and fundraising teams.

This approach increases the potential impact that a nonprofit or charity can have upon organizational objectives, and minimizes the risk inherent to a website and marketing redesign.

What goes into a Managed Marketing agreement with CauseDriven Marketing?

Each Managed Marketing client project will commence with an examination of the below mission-critical areas.  Essentially, the CauseDriven staff teams up with the nonprofit’s leadership to go through an initial series of Exercises that touch on these areas below.

Goals & Personas – What is the organization trying to achieve?  What impact is the website trying to make on the constituent and why is it important? Who are the people that are coming to the website and who are the people that the organization is interacting with?  Develop a segmented list of personas (i.e. volunteers, micro donors, major donors, etc.) & import contacts as well as donor contact properties.

Current Website & Analytics Audit – Quantitative analysis of data (as relevant) to determine how an audience is currently interacting with your website. Where are visitors dropping off of funnel? What areas of the site seem to resonate? Where are current users of the current site having points of pain?

User Experience Research – Develop known questions of representative Personas to help inform the perspective of what sort of website content will be most effective.

Fundamental Assumptions – Pursuant to the above exercises, certain baseline assumptions can be made about: value propositions; why visitors are coming to the website; where they’re coming from; what the points of pain are.  

Global & Page Strategy – These fundamental assumptions become the foundation for global and page-by-page based strategies (i.e. Inbound Strategy).

Brainstorm Wishlist – coming out of the research phase, with an understanding of personas/goals/etc., and having formulated strategies at both the micro and macro levels, the CauseDriven Marketing and the org’s leadership team should be able to formulate a comprehensive wishlist of ideas and specifications around website pages, inbound forms, sections, features, etc. for inclusion in the ideal website.

How much does the CauseDriven program cost?