Page Builder

With the Page Builder (and the Paperless Transactions Hosted Pages)​, all of the​ Giving, Event, or Store Pages use what’s called Bootstrap Framework. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. In short, this ensures that your Hosted Pages will never be clunky or require the donor or registrant to have to zoom in on a mobile device or tablet. It ensures that the content and images on the Page automatically fall into the center of the screen nicely on a mobile/tablet device (perfect for Text2Donate campaigns).

Second, all our Giving Pages offer an open CSS to style in many different, customizable ways along with embedded images, videos, text, and more. And, you can control all of the content and fields on your Page through the Paperless Page Builder. You can select what type of Page (or Campaign/Event) that you’re building and tell the story of your mission or event so that (with one click from your website, social media, email blasts, etc.) your supporters know exactly what you’re accepting contributions or event payments for.

Third, all of our Pages can accept up to 30 customizable fields that you can capture whatever data points are relevant to your campaign. Whether you want hidden tracking field values passed through with each transaction or you want the donor/registrant to specify certain donor designations or event details you can capture those and create back-end reports with that important data. Most Form Builders and Payment Gateways DO NOT OFFER this important feature.

Fourth, we’ve got all of the extra goodies like Google Analytics (UTM Campaign Tracking), available External Form Embeds, Social Sharing for Charitable Campaigns, and even Custom Emails administration (hosted in our Virtual Terminal) for creating targeted HTML email receipting and notifications for all of your Pages.

So, let’s get your first Page Campaign started. Just go to to get started now!