Donor Portal

Lower donor friction by providing donors with the ability to set up an account through an online giving system so that they don’t have to provide their payment information each time they give.

Donor friction is any unnecessary steps or inconveniences that cause the donor to postpone or abandon the giving process. In many cases, it is nothing more than a donor’s instincts alerting them that they’ve reached a tipping point at which time the giving process is deemed too demanding to complete.

To combat this, the donor portal allows donors to establish giving profiles that make it a simple, one-click process for them to donate again in the future. They can save their payment information on file for quick donations to your organization and log on at anytime to edit and manage their profile, including gift amounts and recurring giving schedules.

Uncomplicated and effortless to manage, a secure donor portal is the most efficient way to encourage and guide recurring donations.

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  • Safely Store Donor Profiles
  • Create Giving Reports
  • Offer Unique Giving Links
  • Safely Store Payment Details
  • Managed Giving
  • Easy to Implement Donor System

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