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The Page Builder Pro allows you to build custom giving pages, event pages, and storefront pages that match the look and feel of your organization’s branding. 


Build beautifully-designed, responsive Pages that will streamline your secure donation & checkout process. Capture unlimited Custom Fields (for donor/event management) and retain insightful analytics to help you strengthen the effectiveness of your calls-to-actions and appeals.

When you build a giving page, donors can make onetime donations or schedule recurring giving contributions with flexible payment options. With event pages, save yourself the trouble of maintaining paper records and provide the registrant with confirmation emails and ticketing or sponsorship options, while storefront pages allow you to convert interest in your organization into revenue.


With Page Builder Pro, you’ll enter into a whole new world of creative campaign control—build beautifully-designed Pages that will streamline your donation & checkout process and (once you Publish your page) glean insightful donor analytics like Donor Conversion Rate, Total Page Views, Giving Statistics, and much more!


There are many elements to building a dynamic landing Page for your donors/registrants, but it starts with understanding what goes into the Page Builder Pro software and how it uniquely builds the Page & Web elements for what we call S.M.A.R.T. (as seen below) results.



  • Monetary fundraising goals are easier to define and should be rooted in specifics like these sample fundraising goals and objectives:

    • You want your Fundraiser to Raise $10,000
    • You want to add 400 new donors
    • You want to raise 20 percent more in total donations compared to last year



  • Measure Total Page Views
  • Measure Donor Conversion Rate​
  • ​Measure Donor Abandonment Rate
  • & more



​​Set ambitious yet attainable Giving Goals to raise more Donors!



​Illustrate to your donors HOW Giving makes a difference (church projects, lives changed, etc.)​​



Make Giving goals more time-sensitive & get donors involved!  

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– Great for Giving, Event and Storefront Pages
– Quickly Build Custom Pages
– Mirrors Your Website’s Design
– Utilize Your Branding
– Always Secure
– Capture Valuable Donor Data

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