Send Mass Text Alerts

Create mass text alert campaigns in seconds and notify your audience of last-minute schedule changes, ask them to contribute on their phones and more.

With Paperless, your organization or church can create SMS campaigns in seconds, track click-throughs for those campaigns and effectively communicate with hyper-targeted groups. You can even schedule your text alerts to go out at a later date.

Text messages have an average open rate of 94%—much higher than email. Mass text campaigns allow you to get more eyes on your cause and increase donations. You can even embed media files such as videos, images and audio files to further engage with your audience on mobile. [Note: Each outgoing Text/SMS message costs $.05 per message. There is no cost for Incoming Text/SMS messages.]

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  • Easy Campaign Setup
  • Upload Your Mobile Database
  • Mobile Announcements
  • Schedule Messages
  • Increase Awareness
  • Embed Media Files
  • Set Up A Recurring Giving Donation Option

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