The GAP Partner Program

Our company, Paperless Transaction Corp, founded in 1998 by a Christian businessman, was created for the single purpose of serving the faith based non-profit sector. The founder is very aware of the GAP between the mission and the money to fund it. The answer? Design state of the art, web based software solutions to help these faith based ministries, churches and missionaries close their GAP by attracting donors to fund their causes. 


We have been blessed with a successful business and our next journey is around the corner. We invite you to join us. We know to achieve the success we expect we need quality representation. If that’s you, you will be contacting churches and ministries in your area to create interest in our solutions. You will find that no door will be closed since fundraising is such a vital part of non-profit survival and our story is so compelling. 

This opportunity will also serve to close a GAP you may have between your monthly budget and your income. You may need some money coming in while waiting for your first church assignment, or may just need extra income while pursuing your dream. Or you may need a career change. Several of our top employees are former pastors and layleaders. We welcome both full and part time effort. Where do you fit?

Our products are simple to use but deliver complex results. What we recommend to a client depends on their requirements. If they need to report giving information to a sophisticated database we have a solution. If it’s how to electronically deposit a donor’s check we can provide that service. Credit cards? We shine in that area also and will offer them rates below the competition.

Interested? Download this PDF to get to know us more, then give us a little information about yourself by filling out the form below. Once you fill out the form we will reach out to you to see if this would be a good match.