Partner Integrations

Check & Remittance Scanning Integrations

Check & Remittance scanning (i.e. Remote Deposit Capture) is a faster way to get the funds you receive deposited and dispersed where they are needed. Instead of taking physical checks to the bank, checks are scanned on location and sent for deposit electronically.

Additionally, Paperless Transactions offers Donor MICR Matching so that each donor is tied to a specific Donor ID and associated Donor attributes so that each donor’s contribution posts to the system of record (which each of these integrations).


With the use of our thin-client application, you can scan batches of check and remittance items and OCR capture specific scan lines on those items which results in more effective back office and CRM automation.

For example, attached below is a screen shot that demonstrates how a donor’s check and remittance item are couple together and how the scan line data is parsed and posted into the fields associated with that particular donor.

With our integrated RDC partners, we can query the CRM/database for a donor match and then (generally at close of business day) the donor’s record is updated with the contribution data.


1-Way Integrations

[Data Mapping Integrations]

Along with our own secure Hosted Donation/Payment Forms, we have partners who have chosen to build custom, front-end forms that are integrated directly with our form system and processing back end. These forms offer unique and fully-featured giving experiences for the donor while alleviating the PCI demands for our partners.

The Overview

Our integrations work off of a series of custom object mappings between the Paperless Transactions BackOffice and the integration partner.

Examples of How Custom Mapping Works

Our Salesforce Integration uses custom object mapping and whatever BackOffice captures is posted to/mapped to the applicable Salesforce field (like these three example fields below):

  • BackOffice.Address.City = Salesforce.Contact.MailingAddress.City
  • BackOffice.Amount = Salesforce.Donation.Amount
  • BackOffice.CustomFields.CustomField_3 = Salesforce.Donation.CustomFieldID

How Does a Paperless Back Office Transaction Push Data into a CRM?

When a transaction is processed successfully, BackOffice will check to see what integration and applicable configuration is active on that particular Back Office “Terminal ID.” When Back Office fetches the configuration, the applicable details of the transaction will be pushed to the integration partner’s API in real-time (again based on the client’s integration configuration).

1-Way Integrations

[Form Post Integrations]

All of our secure hosted forms can post certain information to web pages and other forms. The integration also works in reverse. Data can be posted into our forms from other forms or even custom links. Partners that take advantage of this feature are able to provide a more robust and custom experience for the end user.

Below is a proof of concept for how our Form Post integration works with Hubspot (whereby the form fields populated in Hubspot are posted upon submission to the Paperless Hosted Forms).


In order for create a form post from another webpage to be pushed into the Paperless Transactions Hosted Forms, you must configure what’s called a “URL Query String.”  The basics of creating a URL Query String are simple. To begin prefilling you must place a question mark at the end of the Hosted Form URL (ex:

After the question mark, you can begin placing the variables and what you would like them filled in with as long as you always separate each variable with an ampersand (&). As an example, please see how First Name and Last Name are populated on this Hosted Form:

After loading, the form will repost and the link will appear in the address bar as normal ( while the variables will all be populated with the correct values. For more information on how to configure URL query strings, click here.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Through an integration with industry-leading shopping cart Foxy you can create a beautiful, seamless shopping cart experience allowing shoppers to use Credit, Debit, and ACH to buy one-time or subscription products. With Foxy’s live shipping calculations and coupon capabilities selling your products has never been simpler.

To integrate Foxy with your Paperless account, go to and start building for free. Once you have your custom cart built you can choose a plan and then choose Paperless from the list of processors. Once selected, you can enter the Terminal ID and Key, and you are ready to process. Below is an example of a hosted Foxy shopping cart experience that posts all payments into Paperless Transactions while capturing all cart data into Foxy.

2-Way API Integrations

Our two-way, integrated Software partners are coded directly to Paperless Transactions’ gateway and thus their software processes (seamlessly through the front end of the software) all of the back end ACH and credit card processing transactions. Settlements and refunds, as well as modifications and recurring giving payment schedules, can be executed from the Paperless Transactions BackOffice API and will display correctly on the software front end as well.

Many of our two-way integrations even account for segmented operations targeting specific software rule sets for recurring donors (for example) versus one-time donors.  These integrations offer a high-degree of customization and configuration options to tailor to the unique use case of each client organization and how they want to systematically process data and transactions.

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