FAQ about the HomeSchool-Life.com and Paperless Transactions group offer:

How much does it cost to get started with Paperless Transactions?

Homeschool-Life.com has created a partnership with Paperless Transactions and with the group offer there is no Setup Fee.

What if we currently use PayPal for processing transactions and want to switch to Paperless Transactions?

Not a problem! Paperless offers much lower rates & better reporting than PayPal, better overall integration with HSL, and faster deposit funding to your bank account so it’d be a great decision for you to take advantage of this group offer. Paperless will batch your account each night and deposit your money in your banking account. Paperless Transactions is a merchant processor (not a payments aggregator like PayPal) so they can process all of your debit, credit, and ACH transactions. If you choose to accept PayPal as a payment type, you can still do so and just process all of your other electronic transactions through Paperless.

Will we be able to get email notifications when a payment goes through in the Paperless checkout system?

Absolutely! Paperless has one of the most robust email notification systems available in the e-commerce/online payments space today. You can even tailor the email copy inside of their Custom Email Receipts tool and they offer a variety of customizable email options to help make receipting a breeze.

Is Paperless Transactions a secure payments processor?

Yes, they are.  Paperless Transactions is actually a Level 1 PCI Processor (that’s the highest level of PCI Security) and never stores card information (Paperless only stores a secure profile that’s associated with the card on file).

Can Paperless process recurring payments?

Yes, they can.  Paperless offers all kinds of recurring payment options and frequencies so they’ve got you covered.

If I sign up with Paperless Transactions, how long does it take to get up and running?

Typically (once the online application is completed), it takes anywhere from 2-3 business days for for-profit businesses to get up and running and around 3-5 business days if you are a non-profit.

Does Paperless offer a credit card like PayPal?


How do families pay us with their PayPal funds?

Your families can pay you from their PayPal account funds by paying it to your PayPal ID.  You would then need to manually add this payment to your HSL accounting.  Paperless payments will automatically generate in your Accounting just as PayPal does now.

What if we are in the middle of receiving funds from our members?  Can we transition to Paperless during this time?

Yes.  Transition would be seamless.  Once your account with Paperless is active your payments will be generated through Paperless.

Can we use Paperless if we don’t have a checking account?  We currently use PayPal to collect our money and hold it.  When paying our bills we transfer funds from PayPal or use our PayPal credit card.  Would Paperless work for our situation?

No, Paperless will need to be connected to a banking account as they will batch out and deposit funds daily.

Will we see any fee from Paperless?

Yes, you will see a $4.95/month Regulatory Product fee that is passed on to your group from Visa.

Have any groups tested Paperless and how did they perform?

In our testing phase, a co-op ran about $6,000 of transactions through Paperless and on an average, they realized a 1.7% transaction fee.  In another testing group, they ran about $9,000 of transactions through Paperless and on average, they realized a 1.8% transaction fee and saved $193.73 in 1 month.  The tests were successful.

Is there a difference between  Void/Refund?

A void happens when you void a transaction that has not been batched out.  All transactions are batched out nightly.  A refund happens when you refund a transaction that has already been batched.

How often are transactions processed?

Transactions are batched out nightly and it takes roughly 2 business days to see it in your checking account.

What is the cost to process an ACH transaction?

You will see a flat rate of $0.35 per transaction for any ACH transaction regardless of the amount.

What if I have questions and want to talk to Paperless Transactions?

You can simply click the button below and complete the online form to be contacted by a Paperless team member.

How do I calculate what my fees would be and how much I can save?

Check out http://www.paperlesstrans.com/calculator.  Just don’t hit the ‘get started’ button on this page.  Be sure to get started using the Homeschool-Life.com exclusive offer page at http://go.paperlesstrans.com/homeschool-life

Does every member have to have an individual Paperless account if they want to pay their group using Paperless?

No, for a group to use Paperless, the members do not need a Paperless account.  Paperless will process their credit/debit cards without the members having a  Paperless account.

What if I want to get started with Paperless Transactions?

You can click the button below and start completing the online application.  Once the application is completed, a Paperless Transactions Account Manager will contact you right away and you will begin receiving emails from Paperless with your account information and other next steps to help you along the way!

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-Payment Processing Fees that are less than 2% on average (in many cases the discount rate is less than 1% with a low rate of .55% for -Visa Check Card transactions)
-No Setup Fee
-Consolidated Payment/Detail Reporting & Direct Deposits Each Business Day
-Personalized, 1-on-1 Phone and Email Support
-Web Training Provided


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