All of our secure hosted forms can post certain information to web pages and other forms. The integration also works in reverse. Data can be posted into our forms from other forms or even custom links. Partners that take advantage of this feature are able to provide a more robust and custom experience for the end user.

Below is a proof of concept for how our Form Post integration works with Hubspot (whereby the form fields populated in Hubspot are posted upon submission to the Paperless Hosted Forms).


In order to create a form post from another webpage to be pushed into the Paperless Transactions Hosted Forms, you must configure what’s called a “URL Query String.”  The basics of creating a URL Query String are simple. To begin prefilling you must place a question mark at the end of the Hosted Form URL (ex:

After the question mark, you can begin placing the variables and what you would like them filled in with as long as you always separate each variable with an ampersand (&). As an example, please see how First Name and Last Name are populated on this Hosted Form:

After loading, the form will repost and the link will appear in the address bar as normal ( while the variables will all be populated with the correct values. For more information on how to configure URL query strings, click here.

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