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Activity Feed & Events

Deliver real-time push notifications and event announcements to all of your app subscribers in just a few easy clicks! Tell them about the upcoming retreat, show them the new video montage from the gala, or tell them what’s happening on social media...the subscriber can “Star” (i.e. Favorite) items on their feed, set up calendar reminders, and stay tuned to the latest on events while registering and paying to reserve their spot for paid events!

Group Messaging

Easily segment and power all group, multi-channel communications through one app. Update group members with a last minute change of plans, send important directions to the group, or have a group messaging conversation to collaborate together! Have multiple team members from one group (i.e. youth leaders group, event planning team, etc.) on one thread and (in messaging them) instantly send push notifications and keep everyone on the same page all at the same time.


Serve up digital media in one place so that your subscribers can watch your videos, listen to audio, subscribe to podcasts, and more all on the go! Whether it’s a YouTube video, an important audio message, or a Vine, you can upload media for everyone to enjoy and see in HD resolution right from the palm of their hand.


Allow subscribers to click once and view your latest Podcasts! Give them the option to subscribe to your Podcast and notify them when new Podcasts are published and ready to listen to. Allow subscribers to social share your Podcasts and develop a mobile audience all through the Paperless App.

Mobile Content

Easily curate all of your content in one spot and engage people on the go---whether it’s from a phone, a tablet, or another device your subscribers can get updated when there’s new content for them to see. Serve up mobile optimized articles, posts, and calls-to-action that resonate with your audience which will cause your engagement to thrive and your conversion rate to increase!

Giving / Causes

Generosity has never been more convenient for your donors or church members. In just seconds, a giver can select a specific giving campaign, fund/special project, or choose to give their tithe and offering. One-time giving is easy and recurring giving is now more simple than ever as each donor gives through a donor profile that’s forever (from the first gift) tied to their giving account. Send out push notifications and appeals to announce fundraising goals, send specific calls-to-give, and more…

More Features

Need additional app features? We’ve got them---Contact forms, Document links, Social Media site links, Text/Email Newsletter opt-in forms, and much more. Connect your app subscribers to all of the relevant information that they need and make your app the hub of all of your organization’s activity!
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