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Provide your donors with mobile giving opportunities accessible anywhere, anytime.

Few devices are as ubiquitous today as mobile phones. With mobile phone ownership in the United States approaching 100% of the population, maintaining contact with your potential donors has never been easier. And while emails often go unopened for hours or even days after transmission, text messages are significantly more likely to receive immediate attention by recipients.

Given the immense popularity of texting, “Text-to-Donate” or “Text-to-Give” campaigns are an excellent means of attracting new and diverse donors. Recipients can respond to your text campaigns by establishing donor profiles that allow them to donate effortlessly anywhere, and at anytime. Once a donor profile is set up, donors can designate the charity, church, or non-profit they want to donate by text to, give any desired amount, and schedule any frequency of donation, including recurring mobile giving.

Don’t limit your organization to online giving alone—incorporate Text2Donate into your contribution portfolio.

Text2Donate: How the Mobile Marketplace
is Revolutionizing Non-Profit Donations

This whitepaper explores the phenomenon of mobile
donations from their beginning to today with PTC’s Text
to Donate solution for non-profits and churches. 

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Exceptional Open Rate

Donating via text makes the most sense for both donors and non-profits, charities, and churches. Studies show a text message is opened 94% of the time—Get more opens and watch your giving grow with Text2Donate.

Donor Segmentation

Create group text donation campaigns to segment multiple mobile donor groups and appeal to distinct fundraising bases. Then send unique correspondences to different donor groups to see select giving options.

Mobile Giving Options

Offer your donors myriad options through our dynamic mobile giving, including sponsorship and donor premiums. These complex mobile web giving options are made simple through Text2Donate.

Personalized Receipts

How you acknowledge incoming mobile donations is essential to maintaining healthy relationships with your donors. Text2Donate allows you to customize a donor's receipt with name, phone number, email, and much more.

Capture Donors at Events

No need for checkbooks and envelopes to donate with our mobile giving. Identify and capture new donors at fundraising events with Text2Donate's calls-to-action and announcements.

Render to Device's Screen Size

Text2Donate's responsive mobile giving pages offer optimal usability by rendering the size of the page to the exact dimensions of any device on which it's viewed. This means donor can donate via text as easily as on a laptop.

High Donor Conversion Rates

Give your non-profit, charity, or church the ability to receive text donations from any donor who wants to contribute to your organization. Plus, get an average donor conversion rate of 60% with Text2Donate!

Recurring Giving

Amplify your text-to-donate fundraising with recurring giving, which allows your donors to schedule the exact frequency (daily, monthly, or annually) and amount of their mobile donations to what best suits their needs.
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