Supported Check Scanners

Here is a short list of our most common Remote Deposit Capture-Check Scanners:



Digital Check CX30 (scans 30 checks/min) ($400 plus shipping) 

Panini I: Deal (single feed) ($435 plus shipping)


Canon CR120 (scans 120 checks/min) ($725 plus shipping)


Here is a List of Scanners we Integrate with:

  • Digital Check TS230/TS240/4120
  • Digital Check TS215/CX30
  • Canon CR25/55/80/120
  • Epson TM-S1000 (requires a separate software license)
  • Ranger Panini VX
  • Ranger API
  • Ranger VX Direct
  • Ranger Panini Ideal Direct
  • RDM Direct
  • Panini wldeal Direct