Time Savings Calculator

We’ve been asked by many churches, “How much time will the Paperless check scanning software save me?” Well, we don’t just want churches to take our word for it—we performed a head-to-head experiment to calculate the time spent scanning 10 donor checks through the MagTek check reader vs. the Paperless check scanner. The results were staggering; it took one-third of the time to use Paperless vs. using the MagTek (that’s a 200% Time Savings)! …And that’s not counting the time savings of having to make manual bank deposits & adding donation records into Quickbooks (we have an integration for QB already!).

MagTek Reader VS Paperless Check Scanning

Now that we’ve demonstrated both processes, let’s estimate the amount of time that you’ll save by using the Paperless Scanning Software Integration with Planning Center.

Simply input below how many checks (on average) you process each month & let us know if you’re currently scanning checks via the MagTek/Planning Center process.

Once you input that information & form, we’ll email you a custom proposal that includes an overview of the integration, pricing, and the results of the Time Savings Calculator.

Calculate Your Church’s Time Savings

How many checks does your church scan a month?

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