Turnkey Websites (Add-On)

homepage website sample

Are you needing a new (more robust) website, but don’t have the time and resources to build it yourself? Don’t worry; Paperless Transactions employs in-house web designers who can take your current assets (images, videos, copy, etc.) and build a website that’s compelling and effective!

Here’s how…

  1. we have a dedicated turnkey build process where we assign a Paperless Project Manager to you that will be your one point of contact throughout the conceptual, design, and go-live process.
  2. we have a technical support team that will be there for any CSS, javascript, and/or functionality customizations that need to be built into the site.
  3. we have ready-to-use, dynamic stock photos and assets that we can help supplement your branding to ensure that the site has a seamless look and feel.
  4. we help provide you regular updates via planned email notifications and calls to ensure that you’re always up-to-date on the site build progress.
  5. we’re committed to your satisfaction, fully guaranteed!

You can ‘Get Started’ by clicking below; there is a one-time cost of $1500 for this add-on.

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