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At Paperless Transactions, we are experts in digital and website marketing, specializing in fundraising software and payment processing. Our comprehensive technology services empower organizations to effectively capture donors' attention, automate fundraising processes, and minimize costs while reducing donor lapse.

Marketing Focused On Capturing A Donor’s Attention

Create compelling campaigns, impactful visuals, and targeted messaging that resonate with your audience and prompt them to take action and support your cause.

Automation Focused On Today’s Donor Fundraising

Through fundraising automation processes such as donation tracking, donor communication, and reporting, we free up your team to focus on building meaningful relationships with donors and executing strategic initiatives.

Technology Focused On Minimizing Costs & Donor Lapse

We help you optimize your fundraising efforts, ensuring that your resources are utilized effectively and that your donors stay engaged and connected to your cause.

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Fundraising Campaign Software

Save time and effort with our fundraising software solutions that simplify complex fundraising and payment processes. Our secure platform ensures a smooth transfer of donor data, eliminating hassle and data loss. Automate donor data management with our advanced tools, maximizing engagement and fundraising potential while optimizing donor relationships through analytics and targeted strategies for long-term engagement and support.

Payment Processing

From credit cards to online transactions, our solution simplifies the entire payment process, ensuring a smooth and secure donor experience.


Plan, execute, and track your campaigns effortlessly with our intuitive software that puts you in control of your fundraising initiatives.

Planning Center Integration

Utilize our integrated fundraising software to leverage the full potential of both systems, simplifying your workflows and enhancing your fundraising capabilities.


Secure Payment Processing

Our PCI-Gateway ensures the security and confidentiality of all payment transactions. With robust encryption and compliance with industry standards, you can have peace of mind knowing that your donors' sensitive information is protected.

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Quick Campaigns

Launch dynamic and impactful campaigns in minutes. Our quick campaign feature enables you to create compelling fundraising initiatives effortlessly, engaging donors and driving immediate results.

Fundraising Events

Our feature-rich fundraising donor management software simplifies event planning, ticketing, and attendee management, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your donors.

Ongoing Donations

Enable recurring donations to establish consistent and sustainable support. Our ongoing donations feature allows donors to easily set up recurring contributions, providing stability and long-term impact for your organization.

What is Right for Your Cause?

At Paperless, we understand that each organization is unique, with specific needs and goals.To determine the best plan that suits your organizational needs, we take into account factors such as your cause,the size of your organization, and your team's requirements.

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Need Something More Custom?

For larger organizations that process a high number of transactions, have extensive databases, and need custom integrations with third-party systems, we can build a custom plan that works for you. Paperless easily integrates with other software platforms such as Salesforce, Virtuous, and HubSpot.

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“Paperless Transactions provides excellent service with many ways to optimize the donation page. We greatly appreciate the freedom to make changes to our donation page as often as needed. They are also innovators in creating a Facebook donation page, enabling us to reach a whole new audience. Our image to our donors has been enhanced due to the contemporary, professional pages created by Paperless Transactions.”

Megan Sanchez

Operations Manager Real Options/CPC

“From the very first email and phone call with Paperless Transactions/Push2Pay, I have been constantly pleased with the specialized service my corporation continues to receive. It is a relief and a pleasure to know that this very important facet of our non-profit - fund-raising - is being handled by seasoned professionals who care very much that our non-profit succeeds.”

Mrs. Donna Woodrum

CEO/American Culture Council, Inc

"We have no complaints... we are very happy with Push2Pay... both with our fundraising pages and our back-end. We are glad to report an increase in donations."

Wendy Gaddy

Care Net


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