Payment Processing

Transparent Redirect Method

Transparent Redirect works by sending the payment information collected by your website’s form directly to PTC without storing the data on your server. The donor receives immediate notification of payment success or failure via your website, and PTC issues you a donor profile number permitting subsequent charges, refunds and other necessary transactions involving that donor. This secure donor profile eliminates the need to handle or store sensitive credit card information and achieves a hassle-free, PCI compliant donor management process. Here's how it works:

A picture of checks being processed quickly via software.

Payment Information Handling

When a donor makes a payment on your website, the payment details are collected through your website's form. Instead of storing this sensitive payment data on your server, it is immediately and securely transmitted directly to a trusted third-party service provider, like PTC (Payment Transaction Company).

Instant Payment Status Notification

The donor receives immediate feedback on the payment's success or failure through your website. This real-time notification assures your donors that their transaction has been processed promptly.

Secure Donor Profiles

Upon successful payment processing, PTC issues your organization a unique donor profile number associated with that specific donor. This profile securely stores the necessary payment information, allowing you to manage subsequent charges, refunds, or other transactions related to that donor.

Eliminating Data Storage Risks

Since sensitive credit card information is not stored on your server, you eliminate the potential risks associated with handling such data. This reduces your organization's exposure to data breaches and enhances overall security and trust in your donation process.

PCI Compliance

By implementing the Transparent Redirect Method, you ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS is a set of security standards designed to protect cardholder data and maintain a secure payment environment.