Automatic Check Processing with E-Chex™

Get Rid of Manual Data Entry

Over 35% of donations are still paper checks, which means if you want accurate donor information in your CRM, you have to waste a ton of time on manual data entry across multiple systems.

With E-Chex™, you can deposit your money and transfer donation data to your CRM automatically all at once, allowing your ministry to save time and collect valuable donor data for future campaigns.

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Easy 2-Step Process

1. Scan the check

Our software is compatible with any check-scanning hardware you want to bring, or If you don't have a check scanner, we offer special customer pricing on a wide selection of devices. Run the checks and remittance advice, and grab a cup of coffee.

2. Click submit

Done! Your money will be deposited and your data will be securely transmitted to your CRM, all in one step.

We integrate with popular CRM systems such as Hubspot and Planning Center to ensure accurate data transfer, and we're happy to discuss custom integrations as well.

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Setup Fee: $150
Hands-On training Fee: $250
Ongoing Costs*: Monthly Fee: $30
Per Check Fee: $0.50 per check
Possible Fees: Return Items: $1.50/check

Scanners sold separately but not required.

*Contact the Paperless Sales Team to learn about our discounted rates for high volume.

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Behind the Scenes

Remote Deposit Capture is a service that allows a user to scan a check and transmit the image to a bank for posting and settlement. The service requires a hardware check scanning device, communication infrastructure, and software (usually installed on a computer but sometimes found on check scanners). Checks received for payment can be scanned and digitally deposited using the image of the check. The image has the same legal standing as the original item.

How it Works:

  • Non-profit organizations receive donations by check in the mail or at their location.
  • The non-profit Organization performs the normal check remittance process. This process includes opening the mail, data entry from the payment coupon/control document (constituent response device), data entry from the check (dollar amount, date, account number, etc.), and information uploads to the donor CRM and accounting software.
  • Checks are then typically provided to the organization’s treasury area where the Non-profit Organization prepares a deposit (deposit ticket with total and accompanying checks).
  • Once the check images are captured, an ACH file (for eligible items) and/or an image-based deposit is prepared. The Paperless RDC system can then transmit the deposit to the organization’s bank.
  • The Bank receives the ACH file and/or image deposit, posts it to the organization’s bank account, and assigns funds availability based upon an agreed upon credit and funds availability policy.
  • With Remote Deposit Capture, instead of physically going to the bank to deposit the checks, the organization can now scan the remittance and checks using a desktop scanner.