Our History

Our Foundation

Paperless Transaction Corporation was founded by President and CEO George Reich in 1998. In its beginning years, Paperless Transactions was designed to provide the retail segment cost-cutting software and firmware applications for electronic check processing. The Paperless programmers designed a powerful database software system capable of processing millions of electronic check transactions quickly and accurately. Paperless Transactions was the first of it’s kind to exploit new banking regulations permitting the use of electronic debit items in place of conventional paper checks. 

The Dallas Business Journal praised Paperless Transactions for its innovation, naming them in 2001 the 2nd fastest-growing tech firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. During this startup period, Paperless Transactions boasted a sustained growth of 600%.

Paperless Transactions Growth

In 2004, Paperless Transactions undertook a study to determine the viability of devoting their efforts entirely to the faith-based ministry and church non-profit areas. The results were surprising. The company discovered that faith-based fundraising was severely underserved, with few web-based solutions available to assist in this essential work. Recognizing an opportunity to come alongside churches and non-profits to help achieve their strategic missions, Paperless Transactions reworked its business model to reflect its new priority.

Later that same year, Paperless recruited a team of internet-savvy programmers and charged them with the task of modifying existing software applications to function as web-based giving platforms. This emphasis on technological innovation remains a central facet of Paperless Transactions’ mission and has yielded an array of sophisticated web and mobile-based giving solutions, including iPad and iPhone applications and giving pages, events support software, e-commerce shopping carts, Text2Give capabilities, Facebook apps, and Virtual Terminals for credit card and check processing.

Where We’re Headed

In the past five years, Paperless Transactions has committed development and resources to deepen its partner integrations and software-as-a-service. With our Partner Integrations, we’re one of a handful of payments firms in the U.S./Canada to offer a full-featured payments platform to integrate with: Credit Card Processing, ACH/EFT Processing, and Remote Deposit Capture (Check Scanning). Our robust gateway offers Rest API & Reporting calls to offer our Integrated Partners a one-stop source for both transaction processing and a data repository (for fetching donor payment history, looking up payments records, and more). Our software-as-a-service has been expanded over the past five years to now offer our customers a more turn-key solution for each step of donor acquisition: from attracting donors to their website to capturing their donor contact info and then onto donor conversion and donor analytics. Paperless Transactions closes the loop for the donor giving cycle and helps nonprofits grow and scale their efforts; we continue to lead the nonprofit industry with this passion for excellence so that we can help each cause reach their potential both now and into the future.

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Ambassador Program

Paperless Transaction Corporation serves the non-profit community in many ways. In addition to fundraising and donation processing services, PTC also has an Ambassador Program designed to help non-profits reach their goals.
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