About Us



Who We Are

Established in 1998, Paperless Transactions is a unique digital marketing agency, fundraising software, and payment processing company catering specifically to nonprofits. Our primary goal is to empower organizations by automating and optimizing their donation processes. While there are numerous fundraising and payment processing software companies out there, Paperless stands out from the crowd. We understand that each organization is distinct and requires personalized attention and tailored solutions. We take pride in delivering customized services that cater to the individual needs of our nonprofit clients, ensuring their success and impact in the fundraising landscape.

What We Do

At Paperless Transactions, we take a personalized approach to support your nonprofit's success. We create tailor-made software solutions that cater specifically to your organization's needs. Our team migrates your donors seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition. Moreover, we equip you with powerful mass communication tools, a dynamic website, and a user-friendly mobile app to amplify your outreach.

Our Foundation

Paperless Transaction Corporation was established in 1998 by its President and CEO, George Reich. During its early years, the company primarily focused on offering cost-cutting software and firmware applications for electronic check processing in the retail sector.

Our Growth

In 2004, Paperless Transactions conducted a study to explore the potential of focusing solely on serving the faith-based ministry and church nonprofit sectors. The findings were eye-opening, as the company discovered a significant lack of web-based solutions available to support faith-based fundraising efforts. Recognizing a crucial opportunity to assist churches and nonprofits in fulfilling their strategic missions, Paperless Transactions decided to realign its business model accordingly.

Where We’re Headed

In the last five years, Paperless Transactions has made significant strides in partner integrations and software-as-a-service. We stand out as one of the few payment firms in the U.S./Canada that provides a full-featured payments platform for integration with Credit Card Processing, ACH/EFT Processing, and Remote Deposit Capture (Check Scanning).

Our robust gateway offers Rest API & Reporting calls, making it a comprehensive resource for our Integrated Partners. It facilitates transaction processing and acts as a data repository for fetching donor payment history and records.