Payment Processing

Secure Data Repository

PTC's technology platform and gateway are securely hosted in a tier 1 data-hosting facility located in Dallas, Ft. Worth Metropolitan area. The selection of this hosting facility was based on several key factors:

Expertise in PCI Compliance

The staff at the data-hosting facility possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of PCI compliance requirements. This expertise ensures that PTC's technology platform adheres to the highest security standards and guidelines set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

High Uptime and Availability

The chosen facility boasts exceptional levels of uptime and availability. This means that PTC's services are consistently accessible, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for organizations and their donors.

Secure Data Repository

The data repository at the hosting facility is designed to maintain the utmost security. It employs advanced measures to safeguard sensitive financial data, protecting it from unauthorized access or breaches.

Predictable Results with Minimal Risks

PTC's technology platform, combined with the secure data repository, ensures predictable and consistent results in processing transactions. Additionally, the implementation of robust security measures minimizes the risks associated with handling financial information.

Assisting with PCI Guidelines

By utilizing PTC's technology platform and secure data repository, organizations can efficiently meet the stringent PCI guidelines. This compliance is crucial in maintaining the trust of donors and safeguarding sensitive financial data.