Enhance Your Marketing Strategy With Hubspot

Ever wondered what it would be like if your Marketing was working for you instead of you working (feverishly) for your Marketing (just to make it all happen each day)?! Whether it’s composing a mass email campaign or sending out event reminders or segmenting different groups of people to receive segmented communications, there’s simply so many pulleys and levers to operate.

With the Marketing CRM product from Paperless Transactions (powered by Hubspot), you now have one system that truly automates your Marketing (Emails, Social, Forms, Landing Pages, Segmentation, and so much more) which gives you back the most precious of assets: your TIME!

For example, if you’re currently using MailChimp for generating mass emails, you’re simply sending out emails based on certain types of contacts…but what if you could automate your email message to adapt to the type of contact that you were emailing (automatically of course)? With Hubspot CRM’s Email Workflows, you can automate based on contact type, the contact persona, and even certain contact properties (i.e. if they are a Major Donor, they only receive Major Donor content).

Plus, you can custom build Forms and Landing Pages for various use cases: Events, Volunteers, Social Engagement, and with each of those uses cases the CRM will deliver curated content to the end user’s fingertips within seconds. You can truly scale your Marketing like it’s never been scaled before!

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