Payment Processing

ACH/EFT & Electronic Checks

PTC is proud to have participated in early pilot studies with the Federal Reserve Board during the development phase of electronic check processing. The 1998 NACHA Check Truncation initiative cleared the way for PTC to apply its expertise in this emerging field to create the first paperless check-clearing procedure. This innovative process provides clients the ability to integrate all donations into a single point of entry and reporting, and offers the additional benefit of supplying PTC’s support staff with the information needed to quickly and accurately answer client questions.

Simplify Donations

Offer an alternative payment method to donors on your online and mobile Donation Forms.

Cut Cost

Paperless only charges one low, flat fee per transaction rather than taking a percentage. Whether the contribution is $50, $500, or $5,000, the ACH fee is the same.

Reduce Reject Transactions

Because of payment via ACH, the number of rejected transactions is reduced since there is never the worry of having expired donor credit card information.