Empower Your Efforts With Real Data

The same donors who 1-click buy goods & services through the likes of Amazon are wondering why it’s so difficult to give to their favorite cause. Very few charities are actually analyzing who is landing on their Giving Page, who is leaving, & how to optimize. Giving Analytics is a game-changer.

With our Donor Analytics software (powered by Google Analytics), you can measure your donor activity with our S.M.A.R.T. system:


Monetary fundraising goals are easier to define and should be rooted in specifics like these sample fundraising goals and objectives:

  • You want your Fundraiser to Raise $10,000
  • You want to add 400 new donors
  • You want to raise 20 percent more in total donations compared to last year


  • Measure Total Page Views
  • Measure Donor Conversion Rate​
  • ​Measure Donor Abandonment Rate
  • & more


​​Set ambitious yet attainable Giving Goals to raise more Donors!


​Illustrate to your donors HOW Giving makes a difference (church projects, lives changed, etc.)​​


Make Giving goals more time-sensitive & get donors involved!  

Paperless Transactions makes it easy for you to empower your donation efforts with our donor analytics software. 

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