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December 5, 2018

Church Administration Meets Data Automation

Paperless Transactions Announces its New Integration with Planning Center

More than ever, churches are exploring what it means to function as a healthy, multifaceted organization where staff members oversee various aspects of the ministry---there are connection pastors, social media pastors, visual arts leaders, and many other types of church ministry leaders. For the most part, churches (thankfully) no longer employ a “lone ranger” mentality where the lead pastor or a church leader wears all of the “leadership hats.”  

Although each ministry leader that takes part in the body of Christ is equally important (see I. Corinthians 12), there is generally one very important role that oftentimes gets overlooked or is often misunderstood: Church Administration.  What is Church Administration really? has a very poignant definition; “Church administration is an organizational approach that translates the purposes of God revealed to church leadership into effective ministry that reaches the unique goals and purposes of the church. Administration is ministry, not methods; people, not paperwork; human processes, not inhumane policies. Good church administration is not just the stewardship of material things; it is also the growing of people.”

Church administration (often handled in the church’s “back office” instead of behind a pulpit or microphone) is as vital to ministry effectiveness as preaching, teaching, and leading worship.  That being said, church administration (when correctly commissioned) must be freed up to focus on “the growing of people.” This goes right to the heart of what a day in the life of a church admin looks like and what it CAN look like.

In many churches, a church admin’s day revolves around data collection, assimilation, analysis, processing, and dissemination (I’m exhausted just thinking about it all, lol).  All of these tedious steps can take church admins away from their calling of growing people UNLESS there is a systematic way to automate how data is synthesized.

One of the most glaring examples in need of data automation is the handling of church contributions.  Planning Center (with Planning Center Giving) stands among the church industry leaders with its ease of use and focus on making data as automated as it possibly can be.

In an effort to further streamline contributions and church administration, Paperless Transactions has now revolutionized paper check contributions (through its check scanning software) & online Credit Card/ACH giving all while integrating all contributor data directly with Planning Center Giving.

Click here for more information on our Planning Center integration.

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