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Posted on 
October 9, 2018

Declined Transactions: A Preventable Threat to Donor Retention

Are you at risk of losing a recurring donor when their transaction is declined?

What happens when one of your recurring donors gets a new credit card? Are you at risk of losing that recurring donation because the transaction is declined? Declined transactions can occur for many reasons such as updating a new expiration date on a card, issuing a new card number, upgrading of a card, a lost or stolen credit card or reissuing of a credit card. These are commonplace scenarios that are happening to all of your donors. Nonprofit organizations need a way other than contacting donors directly to request new information.

You worked hard to recruit recurring donors. Don’t lose your most valuable donations.

Recurring donations bring in a steady source of funding. When you convert a donor into a recurring donor, you raise your chance of keeping that donor from year to year. Losing recurring donations due to declined transactions can be costly to an organization’s fundraising, but this threat is completely preventable with our Donor NeverLapse feature. With Donor NeverLapse, automatic updates are offered for expiration date changes, account changes, reissued cards resulting from fraud and closed account statuses. Paperless Transaction Corporation provides you a reliable method of preventing outdated credit card information from causing costly donation interruptions.

How does Donor NeverLapse protect recurring gift accounts from disruptions?

Paperless Transaction Corporation certifies your organization with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover to enable Never Lapse service on their merchant account. PTC submits a daily file to Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card issuing banks to retrieve updated card information on ALL of your recurring donors. If there is updated card information on a recurring donor, card issuers automatically update account information by relaying any changes recorded by the card issuer to our data repositories. Updated recurring profiles are instantaneously ready for future transaction processing so that the donor never lapses.

Donor NeverLapse: Avoid Declined Payments, Decrease Costs and Reduce Friction

Paperless’ Donor Never Lapse protects recurring gift accounts from unnecessary discontinuation. Your organization increases approved card transactions by avoiding declined payments. Donor NeverLapse helps you reduce donor friction because donors aren’t bothered to update their information. You remove the burden and costs of your staff having to obtain cardholder information by contacting donors directly for updates. With PTC’s Donor NeverLapse, you preserve transparency of the update process for donors. It’s a win for nonprofits and donors!

Our software not only helps you retain donors infinitely with Donor NeverLapse, but also helps you build campaign assets, promote your message, accept donations and manage your donors all from one easy-to-use system! Find out what plan is right for your needs.