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March 5, 2019

Keeping Your Church Community Connected

Paperless Transactions Announces its New Integration with Church Community Builder

In a world as distracted and disconnected as the one we’re in, we all need to feel like we’re a part of a community. Even more so in the church, it’s vitally important that church members feel like they’re contributing and benefiting from a church “community.”  

In Barna’s 2018 Trends Report, one documented general study showed that 38% of Americans are active church-goers while 43% are Unchurched and 38% are de-churched. While that stat alone speaks volumes, let’s focus on one singular aspect of this finding (the Dechurched).

To be Dechurched, one must have been an active churchgoer at one point in time and then made a decision to leave the church (hence again, the word Dechurched). The question is WHY? There are many possible reasons (we won’t pretend to know them all or even fathom to know the contents of someone’s heart) why someone would leave the church, but I would imagine that one of the reasons would be in some way tied to someone de-churched “not having a sense of belonging in the local church community.”  

One tangible footprint (that factors into being a part of a community) that can be measured in today’s churchgoer is the digital footprint.  There are systems available (such as Church Community Builder) in the market today that have revolutionized our insights into seeing these digital footprints that show us signs of how a churchgoer is or is not getting connected into their church community.  

There’s only one Sunday each week where you can see with your eyes who is connecting in the church; so how does a church connect with a churchgoer right where they’re at (at work, at home, etc.) during the rest of the week?  Well, Church Community Builder makes this kind of 24/7 Church Community connection possible through technology...someone (through CCB) can join a small group, interact with a Bible study group, register for a Church event, support the local church through giving, and the list goes on.

At Paperless Transactions, we’ve seen the great impact that Church Community Builder has had upon connecting people within the corporate church community and thus we endeavored to help churches in the very same way (through the use of technology).  We’d like to formally announce that we’ve built a one-of-a-kind software integration with CCB that allows one-click user access to CCB Giving, CCB Groups, and CCB Events for every CCB church member. In short, this means that (once logged in) a church member can quickly connect with their church community...this helps reduce user friction and increases interaction to help further discipleship, fellowship, and growth in the local church.

If you’re a CCB church admin, we’d like to invite you to check out this new Paperless Transactions’ integration...simply visit this page and give us your feedback (we’re eager to help make it better, we’re here to serve you).