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January 15, 2018

Simple Ways to Raise More Money at Your Fundraising Events

What’s the recipe to a successful event and the secret concoctions to boosting awareness and raising more money? Here are four overlooked ingredients that will bring your non-profit events expanded outreach and increased giving.

1. Presell Event Tickets

Pre-selling tickets increases the number of days and opportunities to donate and your event gains ticket purchases and donations before the day of the event arrives. Our Event Registration tool lets you set up a customized registration page in advance, accept all types of payment, provide event ticketing and confirm registration with your donors.

2. Provide an option to enroll in recurring giving

Successful non-profits focus their efforts on implementing recurring giving as a key part of their fundraising strategy. By offering recurring giving, you can turn a one-time event attendee into a recurring donor for potentially years to come. All Paperless’ solutions allow you to setup recurring giving options.

3. Promote your event online

Be where people are looking for events. In today’s world, raising money requires digital promotion of your events. At Paperless we offer solutions such as Text2Donate, Mass Text Alert Campaigns, Integrated Email Campaigns and your own Mobile App that allow you to promote your event and drive donations.

4. Thank your donors

Following up and giving thanks to your donors for contributions and attendance is an easy way to encourage future donations and event turnout. You can use PTC’s Custom Email Receipting tool to personally thank your event attendees, explain the impact of their gift and remind them of other opportunities to give.

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