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Posted on 
March 17, 2020

Website Builder Takes You From Boring to Professional in a Few Clicks

We live in a world where even the smallest organization needs to have a solid web presence, whether the goal is to find success in the marketplace or engage members to your cause.

There are a lot of online website builders that promise to help you make a professional, polished website for your organization without having to hire a professional designer or webmaster. However, not all online website builders are created equal.

Only one program gives the ability and power to even the least tech-savvy person to create a beautiful website that gets traffic and inspires confidence—Paperless Transactions’ new Website Builder.

What is Website Builder?

Website Builder is Paperless Transactions’ way of giving nonprofits the same web power as corporations that can afford to hire a full web team.


Website Builder is an all-in-one content creator and editor that finally eliminates the tedious process of creating content one place and uploading and editing in others. The creator simply creates from their dashboard, and the hard part of making it work on laptops, tablets or even phones is done for you. That simple.

Website Builder features over 28 special functions that your nonprofit will find especially user-friendly. These features include unlimited pages for all the different groups that might make up your nonprofit; image optimization to ensure that all images you upload will be viewed the best way possible no matter what device your user is on; and built-in blog capabilities that give someone on staff the opportunity to tell your audience more about your group.

Website Builder Is Easy to Use

The engine of a nonprofit is very often the volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to the cause they believe in. However, updating website content often can be a daunting task for them.

While some website builders offer quick-start, drag-and-drop content tools, they don’t offer the launch pad site startup that Paperless Transactions offers! Essentially, every Paperless nonprofit customer will get a launch pad site built before the volunteer or customer ever has to make any content changes.  

When a volunteer does need to make a content change, it's a simple drag and drop of the widget or page needed. Adding an image, copy or a call to action takes just seconds with this feature.  

The beauty with the Paperless platform is that a customer's website and mobile app are both auto-synced with any new content updates, plus there are integrations with social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and other Google services to automatically pull in any content published outside of the website.  

All that said, volunteers easily can update the website with little to no website experience, and they can set up an integration to other content sources within seconds that will make their lives so much easier!

Every User Can Be a Designer

Not only does your volunteer not need to be super tech savvy, but they don’t have to be a professional designer either. The only requirement to design an engaging website is a little time and a little effort.  

First, the Paperless team will construct a custom launch pad site for you to start from, which you can then fully customize simply.  

Special features like modern templates to choose from and easy image uploading make sure you can create a page that catches the eye of your audience in just a few clicks.  

Still not completely confident you can do it? Paperless Transactions also can provide you with access to the Website Builder with tutorials, videos, and one-on-one coaching support.

But what really sets us apart from the rest is that we don’t leave you stranded. A Paperless team member will spend no less than six to eight design hours working with you to ensure your website launches to rave reviews!

A nonprofit doesn’t have the same vision and needs as a for-profit organization. Why should it rely on the same tools to create its online presence? Website Builder was designed with these specific needs in mind, and Paperless Transactions is behind you every step of the way to make sure what you create is beautiful and purposeful.

Ready to see more? Our next blog will feature how you can use Website Builder to track how your website is performing and how to use it to increase donations made to your organization.

In the meantime, contact Paperless Transactions today to schedule a demo to see firsthand the extraordinary power offered by our simple-to-use program.