Event Registration

All things begin with building your specific Event Registration Page through our partner Brushfire (using Paperless as your payment processor). Once you’ve done that, you’re on your way to taking real-time event payments and registering people for the event.

Below are a few examples that walk you through how easy it is to build your event and go live.

Creating a special speaker event page:

When having a special speaker such as Dave Ramsey, John Crist, or Bob Goff, ticketing for this type of event must be seamless for ticket buyers. Creating an event page for a special speaking event for your organization can take mere minutes if you utilize our integration with Brushfire. This video will walk you through the process of filling out all the information you need for this special event. Location, time, prices, attendee limit, and specific detail information pertaining to your event. Have any special tickets you want to offer like Vip or backstage passes? This is something Brushfire offers as well. Brushfire can make the process of your event run easier for you and your organization. For more information contact us today!


Creating a golf outing or a similar event:

Creating a golf event for your organization can appear to be a bit overwhelming. With Paperless + Brushfire, you can create a golf event with ease. Our team member James explains in this video how you can easily create detailed information for you and your attendees. Ticketing can be created for a single golfer event or team event. One major benefit to using Brushfire is that you’ll have a built-in, check-in system for your event. When golfers arrive at your event, they can simply just check in with a member of your team via a scannable QR code/mobile app instead of having to wait in line to fill out information or check-in. To understand how easy this specific type of event could be for your organization, watch this video below or contact one of our team members today to learn more about Brushfire.

Creating a banquet event:

A banquet event for your organization can be hectic when the night of your event arrives. From a simple food banquet, silent auction, to a live auction + food, or a cook-off. Enter Paperless + Brushfire: our unique integration allows you to create a ticketing system that pertains to your custom needs. This could range from individual registrations to table ticketing, types of meals, and other detailed information. Brushfire also allows you to have an app-driven (works with any smartphone or tablet) check-in system when they arrive thereby making it easier for your attendees to check-in within seconds. Watch our team member James explain how to create a banquet event in Brushfire or contact one of our team members today!


Creating a conference registration event:

When selecting software to run your conference event registration platform, you want to partner with a platform that’s capable of customization while not sacrificing user ease-of-use. Paperless Transactions + Brushfire provides the perfect combination of these traits and is here to help. Our team member James will walk you through the process of creating the perfect conference registration platform for your event. Brushfire allows you to give detailed information on ticketing, online check-in, media logos, and additional ticketing for special events during your conference. Brushfire has an online check-in system which is a huge advantage for larger conferences. Brushfire also allows you to create a ticketing system for booths that want to rent a spot at your conference. This is a great advantage for you so that you won’t have to direct them to a different site, but have all of your information and ticketing in one location. Watch our detailed video below of how easy it is to create a conference registration platform can be or contact one of our team members today to learn more about Brushfire.