Launch Your Mobile App

Enhance your connection with your supporters by offering them a personalized mobile app, tailored specifically for your organization. With this custom app, you can engage your audience like never before, providing them with a wealth of valuable content, including videos, podcasts, campaign updates, and compelling calls-to-action – all accessible directly from their phones.

Deliver real-time push notifications and event announcements to all of your app users in just a few clicks, easily segment and power all group communications, serve up digital media in one place, and more.

  • Activity Feed & Events
  • Group Messaging
  • Share Media Files
  • Podcasts
  • Accept Donations Via the App
  • Engage People On the Go

Customize the User Experience

Through the mobile app, gain total control over the features you present in your app and the flow of the user experience.

Add Multiple Locations

If your organization spans over multiple campuses and communities, the mobile app allows you to add each of these locations and update them in real time.

Engage Audiences via Notifications and Activity Feeds

Keep your audience aware of new causes, event updates (galas, conferences, conventions, etc.), and campaign donation goals through push notifications and a consistent activity feed.

Easily Upload Content

Whatever content you choose to create, it can be immediately uploaded into the mobile app. If you’d like to categorize your content to make it easier for your audience to navigate, you can divide your content into buckets depending on your content strategy.

Receive Donations

By constantly providing your users with content and updated information about the causes your organization supports, you can then increase engagement and donations.