What does it mean to be a partner with Paperless Transactions?

It means that we’ve worked hand-in-hand with these similarly-focused companies to “partner” together and provide deeper and broader service improvements to our mutual customers. With these partners, there is an inherent trust and shared passion to help our client communities automate and scale their operations. In terms of specific types of partnerships, we want to give an overview of our Integrated Partners and our Gateway Partners.

In regards to our Integrated Partners, these technologies are natively connected (integrated) with Paperless Transactions’ API/Gateway and/or Scanning Software. This means that there are data points being seamlessly posted into each system. For example, Paperless Transactions may be storing a donor profile number in its system and when the integrated partner’s software calls upon that profile number the associating donor details are fetched to associate that donor between the two systems. This, in turn, creates less donor friction (on the front-end experience) all while speeding up donor checkout times and delivering unique donor matches for Donor CRM reconciliation (on the back-end).

Each integrated partner has worked with our development team at Paperless Transactions to optimize the integration points and ensure that best practices are utilized. For example, with the Paperless Transactions integration with Virtuous CRM, we have designed a way to pass in necessary Campaign codes into the CRM with each contribution and discern between one-time and recurring donors so as to segment post-donation email acknowledgment/receipting.

Again, with each integrated partner, Paperless Transactions stands by the architecture and custom design of the integration workflow. However, if you are searching for a more customizable integration that’s unique to your organization, we are happy to discuss a custom integration with you.

With our Gateway Partners, we have partnered on a set of targeted deliverables to ensure a more seamless payment experience (from “checkout” to “payments reporting”) for our customers using a 3rd party payment gateway. We believe that these partnerships are essential especially when Paperless Transactions doesn’t natively support a certain type of software; we can simply build a connection into one of our Gateway Partners and still seamlessly support the software. Our Support department is also regularly trained on how to support our Gateway Partners so as to provide direct assistance for any questions that may arise regarding the Gateway setup, connection, or other related features.

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