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Statistically speaking, the majority of non-profits and churches use a giving system to automatically send an email receipt to donors after a donation has been submitted online. These e-receipts often only capture the essential facts of the transaction, such as the amount of the contribution, the date and the time of the transaction, and neglect to supply any additional information.

With PTC’s Custom Email Receipting tool, the contents of email receipts are completely customizable, and can include graphics, embedded video clips and text tailored to the specific donor, project, or campaign of your organization’s choosing.

At PTC, we understand the importance of sending personalized acknowledgments that convey the appropriate degree of gratitude in response to donor generosity. Numerous studies confirm that personalized acknowledgements are a vital connection point in maintaining healthy donor relationships, and may in fact account for whether or not a donor feels as though his or her contribution is valued and worthwhile. For donors with a recurring giving schedule, it could even impact their decision whether to make another contribution in the future.

In addition to reassuring donors of your organization’s gratitude, it is sometimes useful to be capable of easily disseminating updates and progress reports via e-receipts about how the donated funds are distributed and how specifically the donor’s gift is making an impact.

With this tool, organizations can easily perform donor segmentation that serves up certain messaging to one-time donors while sending a separate messaging to recurring donors who give daily, weekly or monthly.

As an added benefit, the Custom Email Receipting Tool will automatically help retain recurring donors whose credit card expiration date is approaching. A personalized email can be sent to these donors with recurring giving set up, prompting them to update their account information, thereby ensuring that their recurring gift is not discontinued.


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Custom Emails with a Purpose

Create Custom Copy for One-Time, Recurring Giving, or Campaign-Related Donation Receipts

Easy Admin Access

User Interface in the Virtual Terminal Allows You to Have Full Control of All Email Receipting

Easy to Use Editor

Easy to Use Word-Style Editor Allows for Quick Copy & Text Changes

Send Auto Reminders

Send an Email Reminder to Expiring Recurring Giving Donors to Ensure that they Don't Lapse

Incoporate Branding

Incorporate Your Logo and Branding to Personalize Your Thank You Message

Encourage Clickable Next Steps

Embed Video Click-Through's Directly into the Email Receipt

Include Important Details

"Mail Merge" Important Donor Custom Fields Right Into the Email Receipt to Futher Personalize Your Thank You Message

Edit the Design and Look

Edit HTML and Build In Design Elements into the Email Receipting Process

Send Auto Notifications to Your Team

Customize the Copy for Donation Notifications that Go Out to Your Staff and Volunteers to Alert Them of Incoming Donations
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