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“Donor friction” is any unnecessary steps or inconveniences that cause the donor to postpone or possibly abandon the giving process. In many cases, donor friction arises as a subconscious influence and is nothing more than a donor’s instincts alerting them that they’ve reached a tipping point at which time the process is deemed too demanding to complete. Are too many confusing steps in your online giving forms causing donors to pause or abandon giving to your church or non-profit organization? If so, Paperless Transactions has created the ideal giving system called the Donor Portal which eliminates donor confusion, minimizes steps to give and even encourages repeat and recurring giving contributions.

With the PTC Donor Portal, your church or organization can provide church members and donors the ability to set up an account through an online giving system so that they don’t have to provide their payment information, such as a credit card or checking account number, each time they give. This allows the donor to go online at anytime to update their recurring giving donor profile information and revise the schedule, frequency or the amount of payments.

The Donor Portal: The Key to Increased
Recurring Giving?

“Uncomplicated and effortless to manage, a secure
donor portal is the most efficient way to encourage
and guide recurring donations.”

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Donors can access the Donor Portal from a unique link they receive via email after a
recurring giving donation profile has been established. Alternatively, donors can access the portal through a customized, one-click Donation Page.

Once the Donor Portal is accessed, the donor will be asked to create a password. No sensitive
information is displayed until a password is created. Once a password is entered, the donor receives a security email notifying them that their password has been set up. The donor is then provided a Donor Portal URL that grants them access to the portal anytime by simply entering their email address and password. Or they may also continue to use their unique donor link. If a user forgets their password, a “forgot password” link on the portal sends a security email prompting the user to reset their password.


An Entire Suite of
Giving & Event Solutions

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Safely Store Donor Profiles

Offer Donors a Login Option that Remembers Them Each Time They Give

Donors Can Manage Giving

Allow Donors to Manage Their Own Recurring Giving Schedules, Payment Info, Amounts, & Frequencies

Giving Reports

Give Donors Access to Pull Their Own Giving Reports

Unique Giving Links

Donors Can Access Giving Pages via Unique Donor Links

Safely Store Payment Details

Store Important Donor Details in a Donor's Profile so the Donor Doesn't Have to Re-Enter Them

Available for All Layouts

Available for Online, Tablet & Mobile Giving Pages

Helpful Hints for Donors

Give Specific Instructions to Repeat and Returning Donors through the Portal Landing Page

Managed Giving

Donors Can Choose How They Want to Give, Choose Their Own Recurring Giving Schedules & Manage Their Online Giving Through the Portal

Easy to Implement Donor System

Replace Your Current Donor Login System with a More Streamlined Donor Interface Designed Uniquely with Your Donors in Mind
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