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Does your organization send out a monthly newsletter? How about a periodic inspirational article via email or social media? Or perhaps a blog post aimed at benefiting and informing those who support your cause?

If the answer is “yes,” then your organization faces the same challenges as thousands of other organizations around the world. Oftentimes, your emails are opened and read by your loyal supporters. But statistics indicate that you may have difficulty presenting a compelling “call to action” when petitioning financial support because you want the messaging to be right and you want to secure continuity if a donor clicks through the email to give financial support.

This is precisely where many giving systems and processors fall short. When a donor clicks “Give Now,” they then have to click multiple buttons to eventually arrive at a Giving Page, only to encounter a poorly defined message. If you’re promoting a sponsorship program or a specific giving “ask” with targeted giving amounts, your donor is left to wonder how much they should give (a one-time gift, or a schedule of recurring giving donations?) and how to translate your email “ask” into a completed gift.

PTC’s Integrated Email Giving Campaigns or “E-Appeals” offer data and messaging continuity that will help present your donors a clear message and allow them to seamlessly transition from comprehending your call to action to executing their gift.

Our Donation Forms use technology such as JavaScript to serve up the right copy and messaging so that what a donor reads in an email will be carried through to the Donation Form. By using a combination of targeted radio button amounts and custom fields to capture campaign related data, the Donation Form also helps to center the focus of the email giving campaign.

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Email Appeals that Work!

Send Out Periodic Giving Appeals that Integrate with Your Giving Campaigns

Targeted Look and Feel

Let Us Help You Design Your Capital Campaign E-Appeals to Maximize Giving Participation

Easy Email Giving

Increase Your Email Open Rate and Donor Conversion Rate with One-Click Giving

Email Announcements

On Your Campaign Giving Page, Announce Current Campaign Goals and Benchmark Giving Totals

Email Analytics

Produce Reports with Targeted Giving Analytics for Each Campaign

Works with All Platforms

Works Seamlessly with All Email Marketing Platforms, including Constant Contact, MailChimp

Use Pre-Population

Use a URL Query String to Pre-Population Donation Selections on the Giving Page

Design Appeals

Pre-Plan Email Appeals and Display Dynamic Graphics and Videos that Convey Your Appeal

Designed for All Readers

Available for Online, Tablet, & Mobile Giving Pages

Allows for Recurring Giving

Recurring Giving Donations Can be Set Up within Your Online Email Campaigns
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