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What do virtually all of your constituents or members have in common besides supporting your organization or church? They all eat, sleep and text. According to a Pew Research report, text messaging is regarded as the most widely used mobile data service, even over mobile internet browsing, the sending and receiving of email messages, and mobile app downloads.

Text messaging is ubiquitous in our culture today, and a single text message can grab someone’s immediate, undivided attention unlike any other form of communication.

Enter your organization or church: do you need to…

  • Alert your supporters of an upcoming event or last minute schedule change?
  • Send out a mass text about an engaging “thought of the day” or a link to a blog post or newsletter?
  • Send out a mass text with an embedded video link (as a “call to action”)?
  • Give your donors an opportunity to contribute on their phones to a time-sensitive giving campaign?
  • Allow your donors to set up mobile recurring giving profiles?

The possibilities are endless…

Paperless Transaction Corporation can provide you the latest Mass Text Alert technology, allowing your organization or church to create campaigns in seconds, track click-throughs for those campaigns and effectively communicate with hyper-targeted groups. You can even schedule your Text Alerts before sending messages, and you can set up and administer unlimited campaigns and send out unlimited messages with our system—all for one low monthly cost.

Start building your Mobile Following today!

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Easy Campaign Setup

Create a Mass Alert Campaign in Less Than 10 Seconds!

Upload Your Database

Create a Mobile "Reach" Strategy, Upload Your Current Supporters' Mobile Numbers and Start Mass Messaging

Mobile Announcements

Create Text Message Announcements about Upcoming Events, "In-Event" Updates, and Post-Event Follow Up

Effective Communication

Studies Have Shown a Text Message has an Average Open Rate of 94%—Get More Eyes on Your Campaigns and Watch Your Giving Grow

Schedule Messages

Plan Ahead with Our Text Campaign Scheduler and Schedule Outgoing Blasts for Future Dates and Times

Increase Awareness

Increase Awareness of Your Mission During Great Times of Need

Mass SMS Blasts

"Mobilize Your Message" with Daily Inspirational & Informational Text Blasts

Media Files

Include Embedded Video and Picture Links in Your Text Blasts to Help Your Supporters Visualize Your Message

Audio Messages

Include Embedded Audio to Help Your Supporters Hear Your Message

Set Up A Recurring Giving Donation Option

Notify Your Followers En Masse About Setting Up Recurring Giving Donation Profiles.
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