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Posted on 
August 30, 2018

Building Donation Pages That Convert

The main goal of an online donation page should be to convert visitors into donors. Sometimes the way a donation page is built can do the opposite and actually turn away potential donors. Here are three best practices to follow when creating a donation page to help increase your donor conversion rate.

Make it Easy For Donors to Give

It’s important to have a donation process that is simple, quick and easy for your donors. To avoid losing donors:

  • Make the navigation to your page uncomplicated
  • Have a straightforward call to action
  • Minimize the steps it takes to give
  • Keep the number of fields on your form to only the essential information you need to capture

Provide payment type choices and allow donors the option to schedule recurring giving contributions. Paperless software enables you to implement a one-click, one-step giving process, plus flexible payment options that make it easy for your donors.

Put your page to the test. Use our page grader for feedback on how your donation or event pages perform.


Match Your Branding and Website

If a donor is directed to your donation page from an email, social media or your website, you don’t want them to be confused and feel as if they went to a wrong page. Utilize your branding and incorporate your organization’s logo and style to ensure donor continuity and connection. Matching your branding and website to your page will give your donation page a polished, professional appearance making your visitors feel comfortable donating. With Paperless, page design is custom and your donation page mirrors the design of your brand and website.

Direct Your Donors Post-Gift

Show your donors a landing page after their donation. Thanking your donors on this landing page allows you to show appreciation immediately and at a low cost. Invite your donors to follow up after their gift by taking actions such as following you on social media, sharing your cause with others, volunteering or attending an event. Thanking your donors and giving them call-to-actions will increase the likelihood of converting that donor into a donor that gives again. Building a giving page using Paperless gives you the ability to redirect to a customized thank you page or landing page of your choice.

With Paperless, you can incorporate a customizable donation page into your existing website, and our comprehensive online giving platform helps you easily convert and manage your donors. But what really sets us apart is that everything we do is designed exclusively for nonprofits and churches. If your organization is looking for an online form and page builder, along with a powerful donor and fundraising management system, we are here to help. Contact us today to set up a demo.

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