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September 4, 2020

Streamline Your Organization with CauseDriven Marketing

Are you forecasting the future of your organization based on a marketing hunch?

While gut feelings and assumptions shouldn’t necessarily be thrown out with the bath water, there’s a better way to make decisions: Cause-driven marketing.

What Is Cause-Driven Marketing?

“Cause driven” refers to a data-informed marketing approach that extends to all of your digital marketing assets: website, email communications, events, campaigns and other crucial elements. It mirrors the philosophy of what’s known in the web 2.0 and inbound industry as growth-driven design.

The goal is to mitigate the risks associated with using static, non-data-driven platforms that fail to give any real visibility into the impact your decisions ultimately will have.

While many traditional marketing approaches attempt to leverage popular trends, periodic website facelifts, unproven hypotheses and post-launch analysis, cause-driven marketing embraces agile, dynamic methodologies that focus on developing HubSpot-driven, data-directed assets constructed with adaptability and flexibility in mind.

Equally important, cause-driven marketing should help support purpose-driven marketing. Purpose-driven marketing is a long-term strategy wherein the brand’s messaging is in alignment with the beliefs of its audience and, as a result, the donor or contributor supports the cause. Marketing with a purpose means telling your story in an authentic way, outlining what you support, why you support it, and perhaps more importantly, what you plan to do.

How Can Cause-Driven Marketing Help Streamline Your Organization?

With cause-driven marketing, you can use streamlined processes to attract new audiences, drive deeper engagement and automate marketing to a fundraising funnel.

Let’s take a closer look at four specific features cause-driven marketing offers (among many!) that can help streamline processes in your organization.

1. Emails

The approach here is to take advantage of best-in-class email analytics to produce beautiful, personalized emails that your prospects will look forward to receiving.

But rather than rely on mass marketing emails (like a general newsletter), nonprofits and charitable organizations now can send automated—yet highly personalized—emails tailored to the subscriber’s preferences.

With cause-driven marketing automation, you can leverage the power of targeted email strategies with the click of a button without sacrificing the personalization that gets more opens and click-throughs.

2. Blogs

Blogging is still the most effective content marketing strategy that drives new visitors to your site and keeps them engaged.

Because planning for and actually writing your blog can be labor intensive, “drag-and-drop-easy” solutions and a program that also guides you through blogging best practices for SEO optimization are crucial.

With HubSpot’s blogging platform, you can write, format, edit and publish blog content in the same platform and in one sitting. It’s blog editor allows you to draft content quickly, insert images, format headers and add links with an easy-to-use on-page editor.

3. Landing Pages and Forms

Landing pages have the highest conversion rate and are the most effective way to communicate purpose and elicit form data from visitors.

HubSpot’s drag-and-drop landing page builder makes it easy to personalize subject matter for each unique visitor and publish mobile-optimized content—all from within a single interface.

But using disparate systems to collect data makes it difficult to track and can be overwhelming when trying to wrangle elements like event registrations, volunteer management and online surveys.

That’s where HubSpot’s templates are invaluable. They allow you to add copy and fields in a professional-looking format, taking only minutes to build a landing page and plugin forms that capture all the data points you need.

4. Workflows

Cause-driven marketing maximizes HubSpot’s Workflows feature to automate common management tasks like assigning leads, alerting staff when contacts take specific actions and creating assignments.

Automating this marketing element streamlines your ability to do things like enroll new contacts into your database and follow up with contacts in a personalized, unique message based upon specific parameters you’ve set and a schedule you design.

Calling In the Experts

Our marketing agency, CauseDriven Marketing, maximizes the central pillars of growth-driven design to provide integrated, full-service marketing and fundraising deliverables focused on nonprofit success.  

Our goal is to help you develop a streamlined website and marketing plan that is continuously evolving. We will build it in stages according to assumptions that are validated or invalidated based on data and in which features are rolled out in a manner that both inform and are informed by experiences and learnings from the marketing and fundraising teams.

Why not reach out today to discover how CauseDriven Marketing can take your strategy to the next level?