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Declined Transaction Response Codes

Response Codes

Each response includes a response code with a value between 0 and 2. 0 indicates a successful transaction. 1 indicates a communication error while 2 indicates a syntax error. Whenever a response code is greater than 0, the message field will be populated.  Below are syntax error response messages that originate in the BackOffice API.

PT104 - Refund amount specified exceeds refundable amount
PT107 - Security code required
PT110 - Invalid email address provided
PT113 - Invalid currency specified
PT116 - Invalid phone number provided
PT118 - Invalid name on account provided
PT122 - Incomplete address, please included all fields
PT125 - Invalid identification provided
PT131 - Authorization revoked
PT134 - The referenced transaction was not performed in test mode
PT137 - Authorization expired
PT140 - Invalid account number provided
PT143 - Invalid dollar amount specified
PT146 - Schedule date range must allow for at least one transaction to occur
PT161 - Request must include a valid authentication token
PT164 - ACH not supported
PT167 - The referenced profile could not be found
PT170 - Voids/refunds not allowed on this terminal
PT176 - Card brand not accepted
PT179 - Max transaction amount exceeded
PT182 - Operation not allowed from this IP Address
PT185 - The referenced transaction was performed in test mode
PT191 - The referenced transaction could not be found
PT194 - ID required
PT200 - Invalid routing number provided
PT203 - Invalid expiration date provided
PT212 - The account provided is not valid for testing
PT215 - Address required
PT218 - Invalid security code provided
PT221 - Invalid authentication key provided
PT227 - PIN required
PT230 - Invalid card number provided
PT233 - International transaction not supported
PT236 - Invalid track data provided
PT239 - The amount specified is greater than the amount available on this authorization
PT245 - Account information is required for creating a new profile
PT248 - Schedule cannot begin in past
PT251 - Duplicate request detected
PT257 - Terminal inactive
PT260 - Test accounts can only be used in test mode
PT263 - Function not enabled for this terminal
PT266 - Test profiles can only be used in test mode
PT269 - Test profile expected
PT272 - Profile inactive and cannot be modified
PT275 - Invalid MICR data provided
PT278 - Authorization already voided
PT281 - Transaction too old
PT283 - Currency does not match authorization
PT287 - Schedule end date cannot be before start date
PT290 - Metadata field not recognized
PT293 - Phone required
PT295 - Badly formed request
PT298 - Authorization not found
PT301 - Schedule must begin within one year
PT304 - Schedule not found
PT307 - Reader format does not match tender provided
PT310 - Testing disabled on terminal
PT313 - Request contains conflicting source information
PT316 - Docket cannot include duplicate dates
PT318 - Invalid reader format
PT321 - Source not valid for this operation
PT324 - Test schedule expected
PT327 - Test schedule not allowed
PT330 - Test authorization expected
PT333 - Test authorization not allowed
PT336 - Partial refund not allowed for payment type
PT339 - Country could not be determined
PT442 - Invalid schedule frequency
PT445 - Card brand not recognized
PT448 - Schedule has ended and cannot be modified
PT451 - Profile exclusive to its associated schedule
PT454 - An existing profile cannot be made exclusive
PT457 - Invalid or incomplete source provided
PT460 - Invalid partial source
PT463 - Address not valid
PT601 - Declined
PT603 - Declined. Contact financial institution
PT607 - Must call for approval
PT610 - Lost or stolen account
PT613 - Closed account
PT616 - Do not honor
PT701 - Bad account number provided
PT704 - Bad routing number provided
PT707 - Bad security code provided
PT710 - Bad expiration date provided
PT713 - Bad PIN provided
PT715 - Address verification failed
PT801 - Network busy. Please try again
PT803 - Gateway unavailable. Please try again
PT998 - Please contact support at
PT999 - An unexpected error has occurred