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Paperless Custom Emails Module

With the Paperless Custom Emails Module, you can customize the look and feel of each donor receipt and notification email based on the terminal. See below on how to creating and implementing custom emails.

Click here to download a comprehensive guide to creating and implementing custom emails.

Custom Emails FEATURES

Here is a look at all that you can do when you configure Custom Emails for your organization.

Save time with Global Email Templates

Want to customize each mailer with the same data and design elements. Simply save a Global Email Template & let the system do the rest! With this type of configuration, you can set up
Custom Emails in just a few minutes! You can also revert to Parent templates at any time.

Create Mailers by the Type of Transaction

Segment your mailers by the type of transaction-for example, 1x donors can receive one email
receipt type while recurring donors receive another type. Hosting event registration payments? You can have the email receipt serve as a ticket and be customized by event.

Expanded Internal Mailers

Many organizations want incoming notifications to their staff when a donation occurs.
With an expanded lineup of Internal Mailers, your staff can receive emails for donation alerts, refund alerts, donation schedule summaries, or even for (approaching) expiring donor cards.

Donation Threshold Notifications

Want to know when a donation amount exceeds your maximum amount card policy so you can
instantly contact that donor or investigate for possible fraud? These important notifications
help to maintain card security and put you in touch with your thresholds.

Click here to download a comprehensive guide to creating and implementing custom emails.